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9 thoughts on “ Needles - Franklin De Costa - Tentacles (Vinyl)

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  5. Maukazahn
    Franklin de Costa, a Curle label regular, presents more organic deep house tracks that are out of the ordinary, highlighted by the fantastic bassline of "Tenctacles." "Needles" is a little harder and has something of a UK vibe; "Silkworm" is a work of even, solid techno.
  6. Mazukora
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  9. Darn
    FRANKLIN DE COSTA - TENTACLES - Franklin De Costa - Needles / Franklin De Costa - Tentacles / Franklin De Costa - Silkworm: CURLE, CURLE Label: Curle. Catalogue number: CURLE Available to buy on Vinyl Record. Find more tracks by FRANKLIN DE COSTA - TENTACLES and more releases on Curle.

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